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The Adventures of Nia

or, A Series of Unfortunate Events

2 March 1990
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About me: I'm 21. I'm queer, single and always have been. I live at my parents' house for the time being, because I can't afford student loans anymore. It's working out surprisingly well, which is good because I don't currently have a job and it's anyone's guess how long it's going to take me to finish school at the rate I'm going. I was going for a Computer Science degree, but that got too stressful for reasons I can't fully explain even to myself. I've got the minor in the bag, but now I have to decide on something else to major in. I'm thinking a business degree of some kind - possibly economics.

Things what I use this journal for:

1) Flailing gleefully over whatever fandom I happen to feel like fangirling today. These days that's mostly Merlin, Inception, and X-Men First Class. Supernatural and I keep breaking up and gettting back together, idek, so that might show up, or not. I also dabble in Due South, Stargate Atlantis, um... some other things that I can't think of right now... see my list of interests, basically.

2) Journal-type... things. Like interesting stuff I did, or something I found on the internet, or Thoughts about random topics. That kind of thing.

4) Therapy. I'm currently getting over a severe depression that's lasted a couple years now (please please let me actually be getting over it this time). Sometimes I use the post box as an extra therapist. These posts are usually friendslocked, and always labeled and behind a cut. Please, please do not feel obligated to read them, especially if you think you will be triggered in any way. Okay? Okay. ♥

5) Fanworks!

i) Rec lists are something of a speciality of mine. The only problem is that I tend to get distracted by rereading things. I only have one posted to this journal so far (I think?) but I have a couple in email that I've been meaning to migrate over, and you can always check my recs on delicious. I spend an unhealthy amount of time tagging things on delicious, somebody might as well get some use out of it.

ii) I love writing but I have no staying power. I get a couple pages in and then I freak out because THIS IS TERRIBLE NO ONE WILL WANT TO READ IT, YOU MIGHT AS WELL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME NIA. Thus, believe it or not, the surest way to get me to write something is to bug me about it. That way my sense of responsibility can get ahead of my crippling self-doubt. Don't knock it, it works! Sort of. You can find my writing (what there is of it. oh dear) at the Archive of Our Own. Yes, all of it. Even the Mercedes Lackey fic I wrote when I was sixteen. *wince*

iii) I've also dabbled in podfic, but I always feel so weird reading to an empty room, and it's even worse reading when my FAMILY IS AROUND. Hopefully you'll see more podfic from me at some point, though. :)

iv) I REALLY REALLY want to make vids - I have the computing power! And the source material! And a million ideas! ALL I NEED IS A GODDAMN VIDEO EDITING PROGRAM THAT I CAN OBTAIN FOR LESS THAN $50. If you can tell me where such a beast might be found, I will love you forever.

Friending Policy: You don't have to ask to friend me, but I do appreciate it if you drop me a note letting me know where you came from. :) I generally friend back: if I haven't it's probably just because I forgot. I try to check every so often to make sure I haven't missed anybody, but I'm a very absentminded person so, sorry if I've neglected you. D:

Wow that turned out rather longer than I thought it was going to be.